Saturday, June 10, 2006

un peu d'encre......


JOSE LOPEZ said...

Hi Pierre,

Your work is just awesome. I heard from Stuart Ng that you're going to be signing books at Comic-Con this year, this is great!! I'll make sure to stop by and say hello.



your skill in storytelling always amazes. nicely done!

Gunt said...

Argh, c'est planches sont magnifiques !!!
Petite question indiscrète : c'est prévu pour quand la sortie de cet album ?

Scoffoni said...

En plus de toutes les qualités de dessin et de découpage, une grande subtilité dans les épaisseurs de trait.

pierre alary said...

thank you jose , see you in san diego.gunt,l'album sortira pour angouleme.merci pour les appreciations.

Thierry said...

Tu t'eclates, hein!...

PEPE said...

lovely inking work!!i was wondering what kind of inking tools you use and on what type of paper do you ink on?
your fan,

gl0um said...

impressionnant ce plongeon !
ça risque de faire mal à la tête question réception :)
sinon, ben rien à dire, des planches toujours aussi sublimes.
bravo !

pierre alary said...

nothing special , i use a german ink ( for caligraphy): rohrer and's a good one.and for the paper, it's a common "bristol" in A3 size .

PEPE said...

thanks for sharing! sorry for not being specific but i was really interested in the type and nibs size caligraphy pen you work with!
sorry for bothering you like this!

Anonymous said...



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Ahmed Hamdy said...

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