Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Unknown said...

Hello pierre I managed to pick up the wonderful Silas Corey books whilst on holiday in brussels I was wondering what size your original pages are?

pierre alary said...

hello james , the size is A3

pierre alary said...

but , for these illustrations , it's a little bit bigger ..36x48 cm

Unknown said...

Hello Pierre! I love going to your blog to check out your work. You're a huge inspiration.

I was wondering how do you transfer your digital sketch onto paper to ink traditionally with brush?
Do you print them as blue lines, or do you use a light board? Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you Pierre, I had assumed they would be much larger to cope with the number of panels on some pages. Stunning pages full of so much energy!

Unknown said...

Hé bé... cela faisait un moment que je n'étais pas passé par ici et tu dessines toujours aussi bien Pierre! Didiou!

luca said...

Salut Pierre,
genial! Ca fait toujours plaisir de revoir ton boulot.
Je viens d'ouvrir:
et je t'ai rajoute dans mes links.
Bises a toi et a la petite famille,

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Unknown said...

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