Monday, August 29, 2011

bientot ..integrale belladone !!


vero said...

C'est superbe !
Peut-on espérer une suite à l'histoire de Belladone ? Merci.

pierre alary said...

merci .
a prioris , non , pas de suite ...prevue , a la base , mais plus d'actualité. a moins d'un gros gros succés de l'integrale ..ha!ha!

mickael brunet said...

Une suite,bonne idée,ce serait super,vraiment!!

Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...

WOW!!!!! Beautiful!

abhishek singh said...


Edward J. Cunningham said...

And yet, there is still no talk of publishing this in English. Do American publishers or Soleil really think nobody in America will be interested? Or is it rather that publishers are worried about what would happen if parents bought what appeared to be a "kid's book" and then saw scenes of brief nudity? Is prudery keeping these books from being translated into English? It's not as if these books are the equivalent of "A Serbian Film."

Sorry for the rant, but it's damn frustrating to see that these books are being translated into almost every language on the planet except my own.

pierre alary said...

thany you !! very kind of you .
edward ..naaa, the only problem (and challenge ) for the french editor , is the risk...this book had a small success in france , so , the editor can't afford to take the risk to translate it ...they won't spend their money for nothing ( as said our old friend mark knopfer)....

lautrette said...

je veux!!!!!

pierre alary said... tu auras, petit padawan...

Luke Lobert said...

Is an 'integrale' a collection of all the tomes? I was looking to pick up the Belladonne books, but getting them all in one would be even better. Now, I just need to improve my french! :P

Unknown said...

Fantastic cover!

johan de backer said...

Hello Pierre, dis moi il faut que j'en achète combien de cette intégrale pour que celà soit un succès et que tu nous fasses une suite aux aventures de la belle ? :-)

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